Health and Safety Consultancy

Effective Safety Management in the workplace is essential yet many organisations find interpreting and meeting legislative requirements difficult. This is where Health & Safety Works Limited can help.

Our service is designed to enhance company safety, reduce risk and save your business money.

We offer an integrated approach to your organisationís Health and Safety needs. Whether it be:

  • Review or creation of new policies and systems
  • Help with CDM documentation and contractor safety
  • Provision of a dedicated health and safety resource
  • Acting as the named H&S competent person for the Company
  • IOSH and bespoke safety training
  • Specific expertise such as REACH, DSEAR, COSHH, biological hazards or radioisotope.

Whatever the consultancy requirement, we can help.

Health and Safety Projects

Dermal Labs

We continue to work with Dermal Laboratories 2 days a week to implement a Health & Safety Management System across their 3 sites, which included manufacturing, warehousing, offices and laboratories. A lot of work has gone into developing and producing new Safety Policies and supporting documents for the whole Group. This documentation has then been backed up with specific Risk Assessment, CoSHH and DSEAR training.

Recent Articles

Laboratory Safety IOSH Accredited Course

Laboratory Safety

We are now the only Company in the UK to provide a IOSH credited Laboratory Safety Course.

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Summer 2013

We have been very busy over the last year, so we have had little time to upate this section of the website,

We are still working with  a pharmaceutical company  in developing their safety management system over their three sites. We are implementing a computer based CoSHH system that will help to ensure all SDS's are mainitained on line and up to date. This should safe a lot of time with the management of SDS's.

We have aslo been involved in property surveys and construction projects at Cambridge Colleges, these included boiler installations and lead roof work.

Earlier this year we were approached Cranfield University School Of applied science to look at their CoSHH procedures and practices.

This involved assessing CoSHH related safety in a variety of research environments:-

  • Research Welding,
  • Vehicle traction testing on loose surfaces,
  • Soil, household waste and sewage sample dust exposure,
  • Nanoparticle research
  • Fermentation and analysis of sewage
  • Exposure powdered metal coatings, this included exposure to silica, alumina, nickel and chrome.
  • Testing to destruction of Formula One carbon fibre body structures.

We assessed the current procedures and controls and submitted a report with recommendations.  As can be seen from the Research involved this was not a straight forward application of the COSHH regulations.

  • Along with the report we produced documentation to cover,
  • Chemical Storage
  • CoSHH Health Surveillance
  • CoSHH Exposure Monitoring
  • Guidance on Fume Cupboard and Microbiological Safety Cabinet Use
  • Use of Nano Materials
  • PPE Guidance

The Cranfield School of Biological Science’s aim was to obtain certification to OHSAS18001 which we are pleased to say that with our input to their CoSHH systems they achieved in April with only 3 minor non-conformities.

chartered member of the institute of occupational safety and health, iosh institute of biology registered member and a chartered biologist

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